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Hi, I'm Alexandra Alfadel.
Full-Stack Developer & Account Manager

I'm a full-stack software engineer, and former experienced tech sales professional. I've completed a 1000-hour immersive coding bootcamp specializing in full-stack web development, Test-Driven Development (TDD), algorithms, and programming best practices.

I've previously exemplified a demonstrated track record of driving revenue growth, consistently achieving quota attainment, implementing effective sales methodologies, and process improvements.

I'm excited to leverage my passion and skills in software engineering combined with my background in tech sales to contribute effectively as a sales/solutions engineer or full stack software engineer.

about me

Since beginning my journey as a full-stack software engineer two years ago, I've completed multiple full-stack projects while growing my expertise in technologies like JavaScript, Express, React, Python, and Flask.

Prior to diving into developing, I spent 4 years in tech sales at both well established companies and startups transitioning from Series B to Series D. While I was an accomplished top performer, I lacked fulfillment in my roles. I constantly found myself more fascinated with the products I was selling, then the selling itself. I began to teach myself JavaScript after hours, and found that I picked it up relatively fast and loved what I was learning.

I then decided to fully jump in, and enroll in a year-long, immersive full-stack program at App Academy. In the program, I focused on front-end and backend-technologies, specifically JavaScript, Express, React, SQL, Python, and Flask. During this time, I completed multiple projects and did freelance AI coding training on the side.

If I'm not coding, you can find me on a hike with my dog, in the kitchen trying a new recipe, or with my head down in a book.







Full Stack Web Development

App Academy / 2023 - 2024

Completed a rigorous 1,000 hour software development course that teaches full-stack web development: JavaScript, Express, React, Python, Flask, TDD, algorithms, design patterns, and programming best practices. Topics include: scalability, OOP, coding style, REST, security, and single-page apps.

Bachelor of Science in Medical Sociology

University of Arizona / 2015 - 2019

Graduated with a B.S. in Medical Sociology, with minors in Public Health and Psychology. 3.4 GPA.


AI/LLM Trainer

DataAnnotation / 2023 - 2024

Refined AI/LLM models, ensuring optimal functionality and efficiency in diverse environments. Analyzed and enhanced AI/LLM model performance through code generation, rigorous code review, testing methodologies, and optimization techniques. Reviewed, tested, and optimized code output across multiple languages including JavaScript, Python, Flask, React, Express, and SQL.

Account Manager

Rippling / 2022 - 2023

Sold a suite of ~20 IT, HR, and Finance products, including app management, device management, payroll, and expense management. Managed a book of 500-800 active small business clients. Oversaw the full sales cycle to sell a suite of ~20 HR & IT products, resulting in an average contract value (ACV) of $8,000 and a year-to-date (YTD) quota attainment of 97%.

Mid-Market Account Executive

Yext / 2021 - 2022

Sold marketing, support, and commerice solutions including AI site search and e-commerce search. Managed a book of around 50 mid-market companies, both active clients and prospects. Emphasized relationship building to upsell current clients on new products, while coordinated the full sales cycle for prospects.

Account Executive

Instawork / 2021 - 2021

Sold access to gig-work platform for hospitality companies and available contract workers. Provided training and enablement to new reps on sales processes, product knowledge, and technology usage with tools including Salesloft, Gong, Zoominfo, and Salesforce. Contributed to executing new product iniatives and improvements within a hyper-growth startup environment, leading to an achievement of 125% year-to-date quota attainment.

Channel Sales Rep

Paychex / 2019 - 2021

Sold a suite of payroll and HR products to local small businesses. Generated new business through referral partnerships, prospecting, and networking. Curated and executed training to develop CPA channel business, resulting in significant team quarterly activity growth (298%), and revenue growth (198%). Trained and mentored multiple reps, leading to top-ranking achievements including #1 Pre Rookie and #3 Pre Rookie. Exceeded quota attainment with 129% year-to-date in Fiscal Year (FY) 2020, and 135% in FY 2021.

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ArtBeat is an app for artists to post and gain traction on their upcoming shows, RSVP to other upcoming shows, and engage in conversation with artists. This app features an Express back-end utlizing SQLite3 and postgreSQL, with a React front-end employing redux for state management. ArtBeat is deployed through render, with images stored through an API with AWS S3.